Korean Gamers Are Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Do you think you could beat a pro-gamer from Korea at Starcraft or Warcraft? You can't. You won't. You don't have a chance in hell.

This clip is from the excellent documentary The Hax Life, which takes a look at some pro gamers competing in the Korean capital, Seoul. It's at times touching, at times frightening, and at others, just mind-bending.


Watch this video, then try and move your hands and fingers that fast doing anything, let alone complex routines in a particular video game.

The Hax Life [YouTube]



How boring.

You want hardcore gaming?

My friends and I used to have no holds barred PC gaming sessions. We'd all be in the same room, and nothing was off limits except the power cable. Keyboards were unplugged, screens were looked at, physical beatings were administered and nothing was sacred. If someone got up to go after someone else you could hop onto their machine and attempt to suicide squad attack with their units.

Everyone refused to play Terran because it was too easy to disrupt all production.

I could crush on of these Koreans in no holds barred Starcraft. 300 APM doesn't matter if the keyboard isn't sending to the monitor, or you're on the ground writhing in pain from a Charlie Horse or if two or three people teamed up on you to pin you down while someone sabotaged your base.

THe worst was if the game started to extend and you were thirsty or had to use the bathroom after chugging too many warm Dr. Peppers. Leaving the room was certain doom.

In the end we all bought those little pistols that shot the rubber pellets.

By the end of the night the room we played in would be littered with plastic pellets and Doritos crumbs.

Games were normally won by the person who managed to protect their machine long enough to build a few barracks and spam build for more than a few minutes. One time a game went on 4 hours and people began to contemplate wetting their own pants rather than leaving the room.