RTS-MMO hybrid Kingdom Under Fire II has been in development for a long time. A long, long time. So long, in fact, that some people might be giving up hope—well, don't. We've got some news for you.

At South Korea's G-Star gaming convention, Korean news site inven (via tipster Sang) managed to snag an interview with producer Sang-Yoon Lee, who revealed that the PC version of KUFII will, in some form, launch next month in Malaysia and Singapore (and South Korea as well). "In what form," you might ask. Unfortunately, Lee did not elaborate on that, but he did apologize to long-time fans for the wait. And, judging by the two new trailers shared by inven, the game is coming along pretty damn nicely.

At G-Star, Lee also talked about the reasons behind the long wait. In an interview with another Korean site, This Is Game (also via tipster Sang), he explained that their group halved in size over time—only 80 developers are working on the game today out of the original 160. Financial issues threatened the project as well, with a planned open beta in December 2012 eventually getting scrapped due to a lack of funds.


Still, it looks like the game's slowly reaching the end of its journey. Kingdom Under Fire II for PC is launching in parts of Asia next month, with the PS4 version aimed for May 2014, and an Xbox One version, according to the This Is Game interview, currently in its "we're thinking about it" stage of development. No word on any Western release dates just yet, but at this point, I'd say it's just a matter of time.

"다음 달, 동남아부터 시작" '킹덤언더파이어2' 이상윤 사장 인터뷰 [inven, thanks Sang!]

"킹덤언더파이어 2, 내년 상반기에는 꼭 선보이겠다" [This Is Game, thanks again Sang!]

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