Killzone 3 Coming To PS3 In 3D

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A promise is a promise. Killzone 3 is coming to the PlayStation 3 and it has a few tricks up its sleeve, including the addition of jet packs and an option to play the first-person shooter in full 3D.


The latest issue of Gamepro is already in the hands of lucky subscribers, packing an exciting exclusive in the form of Killzone 3, reportedly filled with arctic environments, a big emphasis on jet pack play, and, of course, plenty of human on Helghast action.


Where can you go after Killzone 2? Clearly machine gun-mounted jet packs and fur lined Helghast uniforms is the answer.

Gamepro subscribers should probably keep an eye on the mailbox to pick out every detail and ogle every gloomy screen shoot. Guess we'll be seeing that PS3 exclusive featured prominently at E3 then...

Killzone 3 OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED! [Gamespot Forums - thanks, Witz!]

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Jetpacks? they are now going to ripoff ideas from Halo: Reach too? how convenient they announce jectpacks now... in the end, this is Sony, nothing good can be expected from them it seems...

I just hope this time around they will use good quality textures, not the blurry mess 99% of stuff on Killzone 2 used as textures...