NASA dubbed this futuristic aircraft concept the "Supersonic Green Machine." Online in Japan, it's being compared to a vegetable. A flying vegetable.

Twitter user K0ZiR0 created the above image, comparing the NASA aircraft to the negi, or what's known as a Welsh onion in the West. The negi is the flying object at the bottom of the photo, not the top.


Designed by Lockheed Martin Corporation, this is one of several renderings created for the craft. The concept images have been floating around for a while now. Japanese site Ennori did a story on the concept plane earlier today, and the vegetable comparisons have not stopped.

In Japanese geek culture, the negi is an iconic trope, appearing in anime and video games. Virtual idol Hatsune Miku is often seen carrying one.

The Green Machine could eventually enter service between 2030 and 2035. Please let it keep this nifty paintjob.

Another Take on Supersonic [NASA]

Supersonic Green Machine [NASA]

NASAが開発中の超音速旅客機があまりにも長ネギだったというのを見て並べてみた [@K0ZiR0]

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