An anime family runs into a house, causing the house to stretch like elastic. What the heck is going on inside? Surely, they're knocking about inside, but how exactly? Here's a theory.

Anime shows come and go, but there are two animated programs that are bound to be shown on Japanese television forever: Doraemon and Sazae-san. Broadcasted since 1969, Sazae-san is a show that, at one point or another, pretty much every Japanese person has seen. These days, the show is seen as like an animated Leave It To Beaver of sorts—good wholesome entertainment for the whole family.


The above GIF shows a segment from the closing credits. On 2ch, Japan's largest forum, one net user has a theory about what is going on inside the house. Have a look:

Now, here the image is slowed down.

And in color, which might make it easier to track the chaos.

Once again, slowed down.

Since this has been pointed out, I now do wonder if the family is running into each other, causing them to bounce about like rubber balls with the lead character Sazae-san getting stuck in the chimney.

サザエさんエンディング透視図を改良してみたwww [2ch]

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