After Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube jab backfired on Friday, the clip’s YouTube page and Kimmel’s Twitter were hit hard with criticism, anger, and insults. Tonight, the late-night host took a moment to address these comments. He might have made things worse!

“This is the most disliked video we’ve ever posted to YouTube, and we’ve posted thousands of videos to YouTube,” he told the audience.


Kimmel then went through a laundry list of not-so-flattering comments to poke fun and make jokes. He’s a comedian. That’s what comedians do. Watch the clip below and decide if you think he did it well!

The way he seems to have made things worse was by inadvertently showing how out of touch he was with online culture. For example, when Kimmel was reading through one comment, he didn’t know what “smh” meant.

“What is smh?” Kimmel asked his audience.

“Shaking my head,” the audience replied.

“Oh,” Kimmel said. “Alright.”

Alright, indeed. At time of writing, the clip has 895 likes and 1,481 dislikes. Below, you can see some of the reaction to the clip:


Again, making fun of things is much easier when you know what you are talking about! But I do bet Conan or Jimmy Fallon could make smarter Let’s Play jokes.


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