You know how people go to Hooters to ogle women in tight t-shirts and hot pants? This is kind of like that, but with muscle-bound men instead. Welcome to Japan’s Macho Cafe.

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Located in Tokyo, the cafe has been featured on television and online. Recently, website Sirabee visited the cafe, which has been only opened for very limited dates (sadly, this isn’t a daily thing...yet).

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But the days it was opened, the Macho Cafe drew quite a line.

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At Macho Cafe, you get service with a smile and an extra helping of muscles.

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Food and drink are on the expensive side, but if you order a can of beer, your macho waiter will pour it and then crush the can. This pancake meal (which, in Japanese, has a pun on the word “muscle”) is 1,620 yen (US$13.50), which is a lot fir what you get. But the price does include posing:

[Photo: dmgtblog]

Like this.

[Photo: jagorou]

For the equivalent of $27, you can also order the “Wall of Meat.”

[Photo: edimelyaa]

For several minutes, you get a merry-go-round of muscle.

[Photo: yuka_mcz525]

No, they don’t put protein powder in your coffee, but they’re are promoting it on their t-shirts. The macho cafe’s limited-time only runs are over for now. Be sure to hit the gym, while waiting for their next.

Top photo: Sirabee

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