This is Yuka Kinoshita. And today, we are going watch her eat so much fucking food.

In Japanese, Kinoshita is called a “gluttonous beautiful woman” (大食い美女 or “oogui bijyo). Her YouTube channel is popular, and features videos of her doing things like eating one hundred Chicken McNuggets:

Which is a snap for her. For her, this is like a warm-up routine.

And here she is trying to eat a hundred hamburgers, but stopping at 62 because she ran out of time.

In this video, she eats 3 kg (6.6 pounds) of instant noodles.

While I love yakisoba as much as the next person, I cannot imagine that eating over six pounds of it is advisable. Especially how she drowns it in all that mayonnaise. Guess she has fast metabolism!

Or the time she ate three large pizzas that clocked in at 10,800 calories.


She also appears on Japanese TV, going around to various restaurants that offer abnormally large portions and trying to eat everything she’s served:

Like 5.5 kg (12 pounds) of curry rice. Which she did in 35 minutes.

Or giant sushi.

Finished in 22 minutes.

Fast metabolism or not, this can’t be healthy. But the first few kilos of food might be delicious.


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