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Japan Has A Ninja Certification Test

[Image: At Press]
[Image: At Press]

On October 22, there will be an examination for certification in the Koga-ryu school of ninjutsu. I am not making this up. 


According to At Press, the certification test will be held at Zojo-ji, a Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The examination is thirty minutes long and covers your ninja knowledge of the Koga-ryu school.

Since the test is open to those in fifth grade and up, it probably isn’t that hard. A score above sixty is passing, and you can get another ten points based on your ninja outfit or ability to throw shuriken. 


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Hi. Erich here. Long time fan of ninjas. Can someone please get some of the questions for this test? Truly interesting stuff.

Heck with it. Let’s just make up the questions to this test. GO!