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Is This The Battlestar Galactica Video Game Fans Have Been Waiting For?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A raging Battlestar Galactica fan was looking over my shoulder as I watched this official gameplay trailer for Bigpoint's browser-based online combat game based on the hit science fiction series. She was not impressed.

My fiancée was drawn to my work desk by the haunting sounds of Bear McCreary's original score, ears perked up in a way that I will not describe as dog-like in the interest of self-preservation. Then she stared in horror as the lifeless Adama puppet appeared on the screen.

"Oh, poor Six," she exclaimed as Tricia Helfer's likeness came into focus, lamenting the fact that her breasts were combined into one unwieldy uni-boob.


I'm no Battlestar fan myself, but this reaction from the biggest one I know does not bode well.

Battlestar Galactica Online is currently in closed beta testing in North America and Europe, with open beta starting within the next few months. Will you be playing?