The Official Xbox One Doritos And Mountain Dew Are Here

A new flavor of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, a shiny bag of Doritos and a card explaining what these things have to do with the Xbox One arrived on my doorstep bright and early this morning, so I made a video and drank some soda. For you.


As mentioned in the vid, there's a party at PAX this weekend, where visitors can eats and drink this stuff until they get sick. It runs from 9PM to midnight, so I've no idea what they'll do with the other two hours and forty-five minutes. Maybe roll around in some hand sanitizer.

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Is mountain dew any good? because they just started selling it where i live.

Promotions like this happen all the time, i remember been in a bar and i asked for a kick (like redbull) and it arkham city all over the can, tasty none the less