Incredibly Rare Sega Arcade Game Found Rotting In A Field

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Photo: Lee Peters

Sega’s R360 was perhaps the most bombastic example of the company’s arcade 1980s arcade flex--a cabinet that only supported two games and of which only 200 units were ever made.


Those two games were 1990's G-LOC: Air Battle, followed by Wing War in 1994. While most of of the surviving R360s are being preserved in collections or arcades, one has been...sitting outside in a farm in Northern Ireland for ages, just rusting away, like something out of STALKER, or a Simon Stålenhag painting.

Lee Peters, a member of a Facebook group dedicated to the R360, found the cabinet in 2020, but only recently returned for a second look and took the photos you’re seeing in this post. It was apparently the centrepiece of a nearby arcade in its prime, before being shuffled off onto the farm for storage by its owner, who never returned to pick it up.

Photo: Lee Peters

It sadly doesn’t look like there’s much left to salvage here, especially since being exposed to the elements like this would have cooked any piece of electronics or wiring in the machine. But hey, maybe if someone can strip back the frame itself, they could at least restore the structure of the cabinet before embarking on what would be one hell of a restoration project.

If you’ve never seen one of these in action before, here’s one in all its gut-wrenching glory:

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Is this the same model cabinet as the Afterburner one from the arcade scene in T2?