Amazon has discounted a slew of PC games in honor of Valentine's Day, including knocking the excellent Tomb Raider down to a paltry 7 bucks. If you somehow haven't played this yet, and don't plan to pony up for the definitive editions, then pull the trigger now.


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*Credit is in the form of Shop Your Way rewards points which can be redeemed on anything at Sears, Kmart, Land's End, etc. Sign up is free. Additionally, there is a coupon to get $10 in Shop Your Way Rewards points back on a $50+ order on the Shop Your Way landing page. All told, you could get Titanfall for the equivalent of $25.

Battlestar Galactica Complete Series on Blu-ray | $65

These beautiful compendiums are must-buys for Walking Dead fans, and the perfect way for those new to the series, or even to the medium, to jump in. At only $25/piece, no reason to hesitate in adding these to your collection.

The Walking Dead: Compendium One | $25

The Walking Dead: Compendium Two | $25

Whatever your audio needs, we've got you covered with deals on three excellent sets of headphones today. First up is Klipsch Image ONE Gen 2 on-ear headphones complete with in-line controls for $50.

If you're looking to get out to the gym or go for a run, check out the Klipsch Image S5i Sport In-Ear Headphones. These are also rocking in-line controls, plus Kevlar armored, tangle resistant cables. These won't fall out of your ears or turn into a tangled mess. $50.

Finally we have the Audio-Technica ANC9 Quiet Point Noise-Canceling Headphones. It's no secret that we love Audio-Technica around here, and these are great for drastically reducing environmental noise, or you know, just listening to music. $249.

Lightning compatible devices of this nature really haven't popped up in abundance, and those that have have remained pricey. This Sony Lightning Speaker dock for your iDevices comes complete with clock, radio, rechargeable battery, and something called "megabass". Delightfully old school, but ideal for a lot of people. $68 [Amazon]

Everything Griffin is 20% off with code WARMUP. Whether you're looking for chargers, docks, or cases, and whether you're using an iDevice, Kindle, or Android, they've got you covered with a creative, attractive solution. [Griffin]




  • The Last of Us: Left Behind | Amazon | This isn't a deal, but if you prefer buying from Amazon or you have some credit, it's the same price.

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