In Japan, Sony Will Stop Servicing The Original PlayStation 4

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Image: Sony

With the PlayStation 5 launching this month, a new console era has begun. Sony is driving that point home by revealing that it will no longer service launch PS4s in Japan.


Via Twitter, Sony announced that on December 25, service for PS4 CUH-1000/CUH-1100 series of consoles would end in Japan, and individuals needing their consoles serviced should officially request service prior to that date. (Note: Sony will then accept consoles shipped by January 8, 2021 for repair.)

The PlayStation 4 originally launched in Jet Black on February 22, 2014 in Japan, which was after its November 2013 release in North America. Later, the console would see a Slim and Pro series. Sony will continue to service these later iterations.

Kotaku reached out to Sony to see if this impacts hardware service internationally but did not receive a reply prior to publication.

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I wonder what percentage of consoles currently in service are launch consoles in Japan, and worldwide.

This generation doesn’t seem to be marred by high failure rates like the PS3/360 era. This move may prematurely “disconnect” a large number of consoles from the PS4 improvements that the later models may still get by the sounds of it.