Call of Duty, like so many other games, is a better value over time. The more you play it, the less expensive its $60 price tag seems to have been. How cheap? Well, even if you buy all the map packs and play just two hours a week, the cost goes down to a dollar an hour. That's better than the movies.

Here's the math, presented in part of a longer open letter from gaming business analyst P.J. McNealy to Activision boss Bobby Kotick:

Gamer A's five days' worth of playing = 120 hours spread across a year. That's about two hours a week. Play twice that much per week and the game costs just two quarters per hour—not counting the console it's on, Xbox Live Gold if you're on a 360, and some other factors, of course!


You could apply this to any game, of course. And if you don't buy DLC and only pay $60 for a game, you can cut all these per-hour costs in half.

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