And now for a ridiculous moment you can experience within the new Witcher 3 expansion, Hearts of Stone.

NSFW spoilers below!

Hearts of Stone isnā€™t just about defeating powerful monsters or stopping an immortal bandit captain. Thereā€™s romance, too! It is a Witcher game, after all.

If you play your cards right in the DLC, you can sleep with an old flame, Shani the red-haired medic. Hereā€™s what makes this sex scene interesting, though. Thereā€™s the normal version of the scene, where Geralt and Shani have a romantic evening under the moonlight. You can watch that below:

[Source: Naughty Gaming]

And then thereā€™s THIS version of the sex scene, where Shani has a little too much to drink. Skip to about 2:25 if youā€™re short on time:

[Source: GameSpot], CD Projekt Red. Thatā€™s almost too real. Still, though. I kiiiiind of wish it were Geralt who throws up mid-sexā€”but this is pretty good, too.