Kotaku 'Shop Contest: An Unfortunate Acronym

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They probably should have gone with “Bright Sun” and “Dark Moon” or something to that effect for the next two Pokemon games, but they didn’t. Pokemon S&M it is. All we need now is a Pokemon wearing a gimp mask and . . . ah yes, Banette. Close enough. Let’s do this.


Those of you following me on Twitter already saw this coming. Along with thousands of other full grown adults with strong inner 13-year-olds, I immediately latched on to the unfortunate abbreviation for the newly-announced Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Now every time someone mentions it I giggle like a school girl. It’s pretty sad.

So what’s the contest about? It’s about whatever the words “Pokemon S&M” mean to you. As long as the resulting image is PG-13 enough to show up on an episode of Law and Order: Kanto, I’ll consider it.

I’ve done away with the lengthy explanation on how to upload images. You are all pretty intelligent folks. Just make sure they’re at the very least 600 pixels wide (yeah, dropped it a little) and topical. Here’s some good reading to get the idea mill churning.

Note that this idea has already been taken.

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I think these two could bond with the Pokémon cast over the whole “unfortunate acronym” thing: