No offence to the guys making the latest Batman games, which look great in their own muscly way, but Batman is a comic book character. Wouldn't it look cooler if the games looked more like a comic? Especially one this fantastic?

These images are the work of Callum Alexander Watt, a British artist who we've featured a few times here before (mostly because he's one of my absolute favourite artists in the games industry).

They're for Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate, a great (and almost immediately forgotten) handheld game from earlier this year. If you've played the game, you'll know that this art was "animated" in a very simple style for cutscenes, but wouldn't playing the entire game like this be the best?

You can see more of the pics (and indeed more of Callum's work) at the link below.

Batman Blackgate Cinematics [Callum Alexander Watt, via CAW]

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they’re big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), click on the “expand” button in the bottom-right corner.


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