Now that the world has had a chance to watch Sailor Moon Crystal this weekend, everyone seems to have something to say about the new reboot. Some stuff is positive, which is unsurprising, given how beloved the franchise is. And some stuff definitely has a tinge of disappointment to it.

Regardless of how you feel about the reboot, one thing is clear: lots of people are watching. That's just how influential the franchise is. I found myself watching even though I wasn't that huge on Sailor Moon growing up.

Here's what the internet had to say about Sailor Moon Crystal.

From our own comments section:

From the Sailor Moon Crystal page on Hulu:

Naturally, some folks couldn't help but draw up fan-art—a common theme involved comparing the new Usagi to the old Usagi:

(By daekazu)

(By daekazu)

Someone even did the painstaking work of comparing frames for certain characters from the old and new Sailor Moon anime.


One of the biggest subjects had to be the animation—particularly its quality, and the range it afforded the anime. Most folks seem to agree that the animation for Crystal seems poor, which is unfortunate.

Getting more granular about it, Usagi's expressions were a point of contention for some of the fandom:


(Via nixarim)

Sailor Moon's slender physique continues to be a concern for some fans, as well:

(Via sailormoonmooniverse)

Personally, while Usagi's new figure sort of weirds me out, I recognize that debating a character's body like this is also strange and uncomfortable.


Of course, regardless of how you feel about her figure, I hope we can all agree that the lack of toast in the reboot is an abomination:

I also saw a lot of talk about Tuxedo Mask floating around—in particular, the uselessness of his new "disguise."

(Via aznpursuazn)

And yes, people are making lots of videos.

Here's someone shredding the theme song:

A fantastic video that compares the manga to the anime—remember, the reboot is supposed to follow the manga closely, hence the new art style:

And wouldn't you know it, the Anime Expo this weekend had a lot of Sailor Moon cosplay too:

Phew. What about you, how did you react to the first episode of Crystal?