Xbox One Needs To Connect To The Internet Every 24 Hours For Gaming

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Following a whole lot of mixed messaging and confusion Microsoft has just confirmed what we told you three weeks ago: the Xbox One will indeed need to be connected to the Internet once every 24 hours to play games.


If you don't connect once every 24 hours, you will not be able to play games offline.

Here's the exact statement, posted by Microsoft on the Xbox Wire tonight:

With Xbox One you can game offline for up to 24 hours on your primary console, or one hour if you are logged on to a separate console accessing your library. Offline gaming is not possible after these prescribed times until you re-establish a connection, but you can still watch live TV and enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies.

Another relevant excerpt:

While a persistent connection is not required, Xbox One is designed to verify if system, application or game updates are needed and to see if you have acquired new games, or resold, traded in, or given your game to a friend. Games that are designed to take advantage of the cloud may require a connection.



I gotta ask. What's the big deal with the console being connected to the Internet? Don't most players do that already with their PS3s and 360s? Or is it the fact that it's mandatory now that's got people reaching for pitchforks?