It's just another Moneysaver Monday.

The standout game sale today is The Walking Dead [Steam] for $8 from Green Man Gaming. As far as I know, that's the lowest it's ever been. Use GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ.

Expired, available on Amazon for $10.

The crazy prices on the Borderlands series from Friday are still live, and we've got a special Madden offer below that football fans won't want to miss.


Our coverage of Amazon's Mayhem Sale on 1500 games has been our most popular post ever. The sale is still going, so get in there.


Amazon has quite a deal for football fans. By grabbing the Madden NFL 25th Anniversary Edition for PS3 or 360 $100, you'll get yourself the NFL Sunday Ticket service free of charge. Hold on, it's more complicated, and better than it sounds.

If you're a DirectTV customer already, it's that simple. If you're not, and can receive DirectTV, you'll be offered a promo for $10 off/month for your first year of service.


If you have no interest in DirectTV, you can still use the code to watch on your devices (but not the PS3 like subscribers can).

PS3 Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition
360 Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition


Get yourself to our coverage of Amazon's Mayhem sale.

Today Only FREE Penny Arcade 3 [Steam]

• FREE Stronghold Kingdoms + Stronghold Crusader HD | Amazon via Dealzon | Linking of Amazon account required

Today Only Anodyne [Steam] ($4) | Green Man Gaming | Use code GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ

Dear Esther [Steam] ($1.39) | Green Man Gaming | Use code GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ

Fotonica [DRM-free, PC/Mac/Linux] ($1) | Normally $5 | Currently under Greenlight consideration

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty ($20) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals

WoW: Pandaria Collector's Edition ($35) | Amazon via Dealzmodo

Black Ops 2 [Physical] ($35) | Amazon via 9to5Toys

Unmechanical (Pay what you want ) | IndieGameStand

Borderlands 2 ($11) | Use GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ
• DLC Borderlands 2 Season Pass ($24) | Use GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ
• DLC Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack ($8) | Use GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ
Borderlands GOTY Edition + Duke Nukem Forever + Darkness II ($10) | Amazon | This is the same price as just buying Borderlands GOTY by itself.
Borderlands GOTY Edition + Borderlands 2 ($20) | Amazon

• Pre-order Company of Heroes 2 ($45) | Green Man Gaming | Use code GMG25-55FJ7-ADQ3P

Green Man Gaming [Steam] | Use code GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA
Metro: Last Light ($40)


Far Cry 3 ($30) | Amazon via 9to5Toys

Dishonored ($30) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals

MLB 13 The Show ($40) | Amazon via 9to5Toys

Back in Stock Pre-order Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition ($100) | Amazon

• Pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix w/ Limited Edition Art Book ($40) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals

PowerA Pro Elite Wireless Controller ($15) | Groupon via Daily Game Deals


Far Cry 3 ($30) | Amazon via 9to5Toys

Dishonored ($30) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals

Wii U

New Super Mario Bros. U ($40) | Amazon via Deals | Lowest ever

ZombiU ($40) | Amazon via Reddit

Lego City Undercover w/ FREE Minifig ($40) | Amazon via DealNews | $50 elsewhere

Injustice: Gods Among Us ($49) | Amazon via Reddit

Darksiders II ($39) | Amazon via Reddit

Assassin's Creed III ($30) | Amazon via Reddit

Arkham City: Armored Edition ($33) | Amazon via Reddit

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition ($27) | Amazon via Reddit

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge ($30) | Best Buy via TechBargains

Scribblenauts Unlimited ($39) | Amazon via Reddit

Nintendo Land ($34) | Amazon via Reddit

Black Ops II ($29) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals

Epic Mickey 2 ($25) | Amazon via Reddit

Wii U Pro Controller ($40) | Amazon via Reddit

Wii Remote Plus ($32) | Amazon via Reddit

Nunchuck ($16) | Amazon via Reddit

Wii U Deluxe + Nintendo Land + $25 Gift Card ($350) | Best Buy via Dealzon


Resistance: Burning Skies ($20) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals

Soul Sacrifice ($35) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals

Playstation Vita ($200) | Fry's via eDealinfo


New Super Mario Bros. 2 ($30) | Amazon via 9to5Toys

• Pre-order Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D + FREE Mario: The Lost Levels ($35) | Best Buy

Mario Kart 7 | ($30)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D | ($30)
Fire Emblem: Awakening | ($30)
Super Mario 3D Land | ($30)
Mario Tennis Open | ($25)

• 3DS XL Red or Blue ($175) | Target via Reddit


• FREE Tiny Troopers | iTunes via 9to5Toys
• FREE Tiny Troopers 2 | iTunes via 9to5Toys

• FREE Gravity Guy | iTunes via 9to5Toys

Street Fighter IV ($1) | iTunes via 9to5Toys

• FREE Adventure Bar Story | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $3

Worms 2: Armageddon ($1) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $5

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy ($1) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $3


• FREE Fraction Calculator + $1 MP3 Credit | Amazon

Google+ Field Trip app grants FREE access to several museums across the country.

SwiftKey ($2) | Google Play via Lifehacker | Normally $4



Receivers aren't nearly as ubiquitous as they once were, but I think this is the cheapest 7.2ch 4K one I've seen, and it's a real brand.
Sony 7.2ch 4K AV Receiver ($229) | Rakuten via eDealinfo


Sharp 200W Slim Soundbar Home Theater System w/ Wireless Subwoofer ($115) | woot! via Dealzon


Apple TV ($90) | Amazon via Dealzmodo

Today Only Samsung 60" 600Hz 1080p Plasma ($800) | Best Buy via Deals | Lowest ever by $150

Panasonic 42" 60Hz 1080p LED HDTV ($374) | Amazon via 9to5Toys

Today Only HP 21.5" IPS LED Monitor ($130) | Best Buy via 9to5Toys
Today Only HP 23" IPS LED Monitor ($150) | Best Buy via 9to5Toys


Logitech Illuminated Wireless Keyboard K800 ($60) | Amazon via Deals

Logitech Zone Touch Mouse Z400 ($20) | Amazon via Deals | Tied for lowest ever

Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard ($20) | woot! via TechBargains

Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Wired Gaming Keyboard ($40) | Newegg via TechBargains | Use code EMCYTZT3466

Everything Else

iTunes $115 for $100 | OfficeMax via 9to5Toys

Seagate Expansion 4TB USB 3.0 External HDD ($150) | Rakuten via TechBargains | Ties our previous one-off price

Gunnar Optiks sale at woot!

Multimon ($4) | Mac App Store via Lifehacker | Originally $10

Cohesion XP Gaming Chair w/ Wireless Audio ($120) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains


Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB + 4 FREE Games ($270) | Newegg via TechBargains | Use rebate

Crucial Ballistix Sport 2GB RAM ($10) | TigerDirect via Deals

Today Only Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3-1600 RAM ($100) | Newegg via TechBargains | Use code EMCYTZT3473

SanDisk 128GB SSD ($80) | Newegg via TechDealDigger


Movies and TV

Serenity [Blu-ray] $8 | Amazon via Deals | Tied for lowest ever

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog [Blu-ray] ($8) | Amazon

Kick-Ass [Blu-ray/DVD/Digital] ($7.50) | Amazon via FatWallet

Ken Burns: The Civil War (Commemorative Edition) [DVD] ($43) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

Gettysburg/Gods and Generals (Limited Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] (34) | Amazon via Daily DVD Deals

Get Smart Complete Series [DVD] ($48) | Amazon via eDealinfo

Deadwood Complete Series [DVD] ($58) | Amazon via eDealinfo

Rome [DVD] ($39) | Amazon via eDealinfo

• Best Buy has a promo going where if you buy movies that are like The Hangover III from them, you get $8 toward Hangover III tickets. Since the movies start at $5, you're getting a FREE DVD if you were already planning to see Hangover III in theaters.

• Same promo as above, but for Fast and Furious 6.


King of Tokyo Board Game ($30) | Amazon via Deals

LEGO X-Wing ($46) | Amazon via Deals | Lowest ever

LEGO A-Wing ($20) | Amazon via Dealzmodo

• has a selection of Marvel drinkware on sale.

Ninjabread Cookie Cutters ($6) | Amazon via Deals | Lowest ever

The ad for this played on Spotify while I was typing it.
Grill Master 4-Burner Gas Grill ($169) | Lowes via Deals


Yukon Outfitters Parachute Double Hammock ($25) | woot! via Deals | Normally $45+

Banana Republic 35% off | Use code BRSAVE

Incoming Father's Day
HDE Patterned Skinny Ties ($5/each) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains | Many color options

May 21-23 McDonald's Blueberry Pomegranate ($1) | McDonald's via FatWallet | If you buy 3 of them, it's a better deal than buying one large.

Presto Pizazz Pizza Oven ($39) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains

Banana Cutter ($2) | eBay via Ben's Bargains | Worth checking out the Amazon listing for the hilarious reviews.

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