Killzone On The PS4 Might Actually Be More Comfortable To Play

If you're purchasing the PlayStation 4 this holiday season and are into first-person shooters, chances are you'll be eyeing Guerrilla Games' latest installment in the Killzone franchise: Shadow Fall. But while those shiny new graphics will catch most people's eyes, I'm more concerned with how the game plays.


The Killzone series has always had a tough time in the control department. In Killzone 2 there was a certain weighty feel to the guns but you were fighting with the sticks more than working with them. In Killzone 3 the problem was addressed with tighter controls but the PS3 controller was certainly showing it's age when it comes to FPS games. I know that many people enjoy playing shooters on the dualshock 3 controller but Sony sought to improve it with the dualshock 4 and upgraded the controllers design to better suit the FPS genre.

In today's video I break down a recent Tokyo Game Show video where Gamejima gets some quality time with Killzone: Shadow Fall and gives us a good idea of how the controls will be once the game releases this holiday season.

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I actually like the "heavy" feeling of killzone, it helps set it apart from other franchises and gives a unique feeling to the gameplay.