The PlayStation 4 won't launch in South Korea until December 17. One man and his wife are lined up since two days ago with a banner that reads, "Waiting to buy a launch PS4." The couple are already internet heroes.

The man, 33 year-old Hong Suk Min and his wife, who's also a big gamer, planned this fifteen days ago. On his blog, Hong documented how they bought a tent, two hundred hand warmers, twenty space blankets, three regular blankets, a lantern, and cold medicine in case they fall ill. They also brought video games to play and books to read. Hong's wife made their banner, and the couple plans to take turns waiting in line.

Tonight, it is 23 degrees Fahrenheit in Seoul, well below freezing.

After being noticed online in South Korea, over fifty people stopped by to give the couple encouragement and food. Korean game media like Ruliweb (pictured below) have taken note, interviewing the couple about their long wait.

Online, even diehard Xbox fans are cheering them on—something that Hong said made him all teary eyed.


Long waits for new consoles are common in the West, but they're less so in South Korea, where PC gaming rules.

"It's hard being a console video gamer in Korea but I wanted to show everyone that we are just as passionate," he told Ruliweb (via tipster Sang). "We especially wanted to show Sony Korea that our market may be small, but our passion is world-class."


Sony Korea also noticed, and originally said it couldn't offer any help. But it ended up bringing a a large blue tent for the couple and a heater.

The electronics shop is also doing their part to make the long wait more comfortable by letting them charge their phones.

According to Ruliweb, another gamer has begun waiting in line, keeping the couple company.

And when the Xbox One launches, Hong plans to wait in line again. However, he doesn't aim to be first. Instead, he wants to be number two in line—number two so the first person isn't lonely.

"나 혼자만의 1번이 아니다" PS4 대기열 1번 인터뷰 [Ruliweb Thanks, Sang!]

Photos: Ruliweb

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