FIFA is a beautiful representation of the beautiful game, but that all falls apart once you hit the series' sluggish and confusing menu screens. So hats off to Brazilian fan/designer Rodrigo Bellão, who has a nice and clean idea for improvements.


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Roughly 20 years ago, a young me went to my friends house to try out his new soccer game. "World Cup 1994" was happening soon and I loved soccer. I got over to his house and was all excited about playing a new video game in the way only a 10 year old kid can be. We stuck the game in, hit the power button and were immediately confronted with the most confusing and frustrating menu i've ever laid eyes on. I wish i could show you guys a better video (the guy obviously knows where to go in this video, but it never the less illustrates how confusing the system is) but long story short, we got completely lost in the menus and were unable to actually get into the game. After 10 or 15 minutes we just gave up and played something else. To this day i've never seen menus half that bad. Also, i never stopped holding a grudge against that stupid dog mascot.