How Xtreme Is Castle Crashers' New Volleyball Mode?

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This xtreme!!! It may not induce a thirst for tossing back a Mountain Dew or inspire us to shred something, but the PlayStation Network release of Castle Crashers is not tame looking by any means.


The official Behemoth Development Blog sets up our first look at the new competitive mode coming to Castle Crashers—you know, eventually—which appears to take a casual stance toward standardized volleyball rules. So when is all this revamped PlayStation 3-flavored Castle Crashers fun coming? The Behemoth doesn't know, only saying that the PSN game is in its "final testing" stages.

Perhaps the wait will become more tolerable once the developer unveils its other new secret feature...

Castle Crashers PS3 Update!! [The Behemoth Development Blog]



How is a 2.5D sidescroller taking this long...