The 3DS turns three years old today. This is how I've used the thing.

I take it with me to work every day.

I use a 32GB card, so I can hold all of this in one system, which is insane:

That's right. Two Mario RPGs, a Pokémon, Animal Crossing, the new Phoenix Wright, two 3DS Professor Laytons, Monster Hunter, three Picross games, Zelda, Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, some oddball download-only 3DS games, a slew of my DSiWare favorites, GBA games, GameBoy games and more... all on one device (legally!)

I play this system more than I do any other.

I'm Streetpassing as best I can! I love those StreetPass games.

And, for the record... a little above halfway is where it's at.

How about you? What's your 3DS life in pictures?

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