Hope You Weren't Planning On Playing SimCity Tonight

Maybe you bought SimCity today.

Maybe you were hoping to fire it up after a long day of work. Maybe you've been waiting for this game for years now, and you were psyched to finally check it out.

Maybe you didn't mind the whole "online only" thing, because you keep your computer connected to the Internet 99% of the time anyway, and who really needs to play PC games on an airplane?

So you sat for an hour or two and ate dinner or something as you waited for SimCity to download and install. When it hit 100%, you were stoked. Finally.

Then... something went wrong.

Maybe the servers just wouldn't authenticate.

Maybe your friends list wouldn't show up.

Maybe you got this message:


Lots of people got that message:


Maybe you're infuriated. Maybe you wish launch day games would work on the day they launched. Maybe you think is is unacceptable.


You're not the only one.

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