Here's Windows 95 Running On A New Nintendo 3DS

Earlier this week hackers got a build of Linux running on the PlayStation 4. Now GBATemp user Shutterbug2000 demonstrates Windows 95 running on a new 3DS. I can’t wait to run BeOS on my Xbox One.

A lot of quality console hacking goes on during the winter holidays, when enthusiasts have plenty of extra time to amuse themselves. Shutterbug2000 (via NeoGAF) spent that extra time utilizing a RetroArch DOSbox to get an ancient version of Microsoft’s operating system running on Nintendo’s latest hardware.

Here’s a look at the OS starting up on Shutterbug2000’s New 3DS XL.

What can a person do with Windows 95 on a New 3DS? Right now the GBATemp forum post is filled with dreams of playing retro Windows games on the New 3DS, along with folks attempting to overcome the issue that’s keeping the trick from working on the original 3DS. I’m sure the homebrew community will come up with all sorts of fancy, largely impractical applications for a Windows 95-running handheld. They all seem pretty excited.


As for the rest of us, those content to just sit around playing Yo-Kai Watch all day, I think I speak for us all when I say, “Huh.”

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...And this achieves what exactly? :/