10 Famous Movie Quotes You Might Be Getting Wrong

Memory is a fickle, faulty thing. The things we swear happened might've actually gone down completely differently, sometimes. It should be no surprise, then, that sometimes we might remember famous lines from movies a tad differently from what they actually are.

Check out this list of ten movie quotes that people tend to misquote by Alltime10s, from classics like Tarzan to The Lord of The Rings. Some, admittedly, are pretty close to the source material. Others, like the Star Wars one, are quoted wrong often enough that hearing the actual line is a tad shocking.

Knew these already? Got any favorite movie misquotes of your own? Share in the comments!


10 Famous Movie Misquotes[Alltime10s]

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Here's 50! (Not all from movies) and they actually say them :D