This is a massive and elaborate GM screen for your Dungeons & Dragons (or any other role-playing game) adventures. For those who want to flex on their tabletop crew.

I like Wyrmwood’s stuff, but this screen is on a whole other level, both in terms of how much it does (it does a lot) and how much it costs (the complete set costs a lot). There’s a screen, an initiative tracker, a dice tower, even some drawers to stash stuff in.


Everything you’re seeing up top actually comes apart and is sold separately, as individual purchases on a Kickstarter the company is running at the moment.

If you’re not familiar with Wyrmwood’s gear, it costs a lot because it’s all hand-made from premium wood in New England, and is aimed at the kind of gamer who looks at these prices, looks at the wood and doesn’t recoil in horror/close the tab.

The components of the screen come in different types of wood which vary in price; you can get just the screen in red oak for $50, or you can get the complete set in purpleheart for...$1570. Welp.


If you’re thinking that price is insane for something that looks so small, it’s...nowhere near as small as the pics make it look. Indeed, it’s freakin’ enormous.

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The campaign was asking for $10,000. At time of posting it’s got over $200,000.