Looks Like Sleeping Dogs Is Coming To Xbox One/PS4

Illustration for article titled Looks Like emSleeping Dogs/em Is Coming To Xbox One/PS4

A new Amazon listing may have ruined a Square Enix surprise announcement that the open-world game Sleeping Dogs will come to PS4 and Xbox One this October.


Amazon's got it at $60. October 14. Seems like this version includes all the DLC, too.


We've reached out to Square for comment and will update if/when they confirm this thing.

(Thanks, PowderFists)

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Dr. M to the J, PhD

Great game, one of my few platinums. But... Who by now hasn't played Sleeping Dogs?! I just don't see who'd buy this for $60 when the original has been less than $5 and even free a few times now. If you haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it but you can get it for very cheap right now without waiting til October.

Make a Sleeping Dogs 2!