Grand Theft Auto V Might Be The Most Expensive Video Game Ever Made

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Budgets for video games are a bit of grey area, but if this report from Scottish newspaper The Scotsman is to be believed, then Grand Theft Auto V is the most expensive video game ever made.


In a report focusing on the upcoming launch of Rockstar’s latest criminal opus, The Scotsman reports that the total budget ranks at 170 million pounds, which translates into $266,000,000US. It’s worth noting that this figure also includes the marketing budget which is most likely astronomical — it’s difficult to tell precisely how much of this figure was spent in the actual production of the game.

But the release of this figure has been enough to shoot Grand Theft Auto IV to the top of the most expensive video games ever made list. According to released numbers, only Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End can top it in the movie realm at $300,000,000US. The closest video game to Grand Theft Auto V, in terms of expense, is Star Wars: The Old Republic at $200,000,000

Still, I’m not sure if the numbers really match up; if they are including the marketing budget or not, or even if these numbers are correct. Precise budget numbers are a murky business — we can only base them on what is reported.

But still $266,000,000 — that’s a lot of moolah.

New GTA V release tipped to rake in £1bn in sales [The Scotsman]



So... is it going to be considered a "failure" if it only sells 10 million copies?

I think they're setting their sights rather high. Hopefully it's good and really ends up worth that expense.