And not just any old noodles, but with soba (buckwheat) noodles. But why make Totoro out of noodles?

Twitter user @hy_s__ explains that his or her mom asked if there were any requests for dinner, and @hy_s__ replied, "tororo soba." And this is what mom served up:

Totoro soba! The white belly, however, is made from "tororo," which is "grated yam" in Japanese. Very cute and a neat wordplay! No wonder this image has been retweeted over seventeen thousand times.

This individual's mom, however, isn't the first to think of "Totoro Soba".

Here's an English language how-to for Totoro Soba. It appeared on YouTube earlier this year.

オカンに晩ご飯何がいいって聞かれて「とろろそば」って [@hy_s__]

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