While The Forest hasn't been in early access for very long, players already have lots to say about the hot new survival horror game that's tearing up the Steam charts. Turns out, despite the mystery and occasional gruesomeness, there's also a lot of hilarity to be found in The Forest.

While Steam reviews might not give you the most in-depth look at a game, they still manage to capture some of the spirit. At the very least, they might make you look at a game differently. And sometimes, lets be real, Steam reviews are just plain ridiculous. All of this combined is exactly what makes them so great.

Let's take a gander at how people are reviewing The Forest on Steam, shall we?

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Bonus! The things people are sharing on The Forest's community hub is pretty great, too:

(By Imbapeka)

(By Joe)

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(By Mr. Sun)

(Top Image by Frantsyz)