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God of War is fantastic, except for the fact that trying to read any of the text has forced me to get up and stand next to the screen. A new patch for the game aims to fix that problem, but it’s not nearly enough.

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Patch 1.12, which went live last night, adds a slider for “text size increase” to the Accessibility menu in the game’s setting. Problem is, this slider doesn’t actually increase the font size—it just magnifies it.

Here’s a screenshot I just took from the slider at minimum:


And now at maximum:


To those of us without 4K TVs who sit a few feet away from the television, it’s still unreadable. I imagine that bumping the font size would lead to all sorts of UI issues, like text bleeding and warping. It makes for a far trickier fix than, say, going into Microsoft Word and changing everything from 12 to 14. But to those of us who have this problem, this patch doesn’t help much.

The lore text is great, too. Maybe one day I’ll actually get to read it?


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