The winner of last week’s ‘Shop Contest, inspired by the mask Nier director Taro Yoko wore to Square Enix’s E3 press conference earlier this month, reminds us that there is always a creepier moon on the horizon.

While this week’s runners-up feature some truly nightmare-inducing visions, UI 2.0’s image of the horrible moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask premeditating the murder of just about everyone takes the cake. And Termina. They really should have thought that name through.


Scroll down for this week’s also-wons, and be sure to check out the original post for some more amazing entries—I only pick one per commenter, and some of the folks produced a ton of great and horrible stuff.

This Week’s Lunar Landers


Hillyria — because I was just listening to this. Well, the real one.

Wormri — for giving the Hype Train its official face.

ChocolateSniper — for disturbing yet somehow uplifting.

Tommaton — for “A girl must not talk about a game.”

RyanKane — for one way to get me to buy a FIFA game.

CityShrimp — because we’re old.

Matt-S — for who could forget Chairface Chippendale’s finest caper?

Taurenrider — had to go and make it weird.

mpar — because I hold out hope that one day society will forget that movie exists.

Orionsangel — a little bit.

captain k’nuckles — because awwwww daddy.

uscg_pa — mainly for introducing me to this short.

arniejolt — for naaaaa-na-na-na-na-na-na na, na na na na-na naaaaaaaaa.

My other car was the other woman — because d’awwwww.

Junk Bunnie — for a perfect match.

Dan Seitz — seems legit.

sillstaw — pretty much perfect, isn’t it?

Cakegolem — because those ghosts are having none of that.

TheBurnedMan — for somehow making it creepier.

Velduanga — for the know.

MrDeadScott — for making me want to play To The Moon again.

Loragon — it’s always Hitler with you people.

Rokeden — dun dun dun-daaaaa, dun da-duuuhhhh.

silver6kraid — he really didn’t have to put on the red dress tonight.

BestinSlot — for one of the best Majora’s Mask moon ‘shops.

Pedro Silva — if only they could dance.

Ganonthegreat1 — for the best moon landing ‘shop.

sciteach — for burning this image into my brain, thanks.

Dyram — for how can you be so old and still work a computer?

and of course...

UI 2.0 for the win!