Free Downloads For Those Bitten By Buggy Walking Dead Game

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Telltale's The Walking Dead game may have won its share of year-end awards and accolades, but it's not without some problems. Notably, the game can be quite buggy, particularly the disc-based, retail Xbox 360 version.


The game's designer Telltale is now running an amends program for anyone struck by "hitching" in the game, which is common to the on-disc version when played on a 4GB Xbox 360. If you've got the problem and don't want to buy a bigger hard drive, you can fill out this form and take a picture of your game case leaning against your TV screen, and Telltale will send you a code to download a digital copy.

"We value our customers," writes a Telltale's representative, "and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused."

h/t Polygon



How about an "amends" for a far more serious problem than "hitching" — failing to properly import a save between episodes. It's kind of an important thing when creating an episodic title.

Got all the way to Episode 5, started it up, and all my previous decisions were wiped. Awesome. Forums are packed with hundreds, if not thousands, of complaint threads on people losing their saves between any and all episodes.