Forza Motorsport Developer Mentions Natal Platform Games

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Developer Turn 10, the studio behind popular racing simulator Forza Motorsport, appears to be planning a new title for Microsoft's upcoming Natal motion system.


A job posting for a Turn 10 business development manager position notes this:

set strategy and drive high-quality game content for our next generation games including the Natal platform

As an internal Microsoft Game Studio, the fact that Turn 10 mentions Natal development seems rather obvious, no? Still, it will be interesting to see if Turn 10 brings its racing sims to Natal or if the studio is working on something else entirely.

REDMOND Business Development Manager-Senior-MGS-Turn 10 Job [Microsoft via Eurogamer]


Darth Tigris

PGR Natal?

Honestly, it makes sense. Forza is the more hardcore series, so let PGR become the more casual one.

For the record, I can see how me saying that would make some PGR fans mad. I'm not insulting PGR as I LOVE the series. But with no Bizarre, its going to be different anyway.