Yui Yokoyama is a member of cutesy Japanese idol group AKB48. And she can probably dropkick you silly.

Typically, you probably don't think of popstars, male or female, being particularly good at wrestling. Then again, you probably don't typically think about who would be good at wrestling or who wouldn't. Maybe you do! I really don't know.


But, on a recent episode of comedy show Mecha Ike, there was a tag team match between the show's female comedians and teeny bop popstars. In the past, the show has pitted celebs against each other in the ring. This time, pop idol Yokoyama, in particular, showed quite an aptitude for wrestling.

Have a look (she's decked out in black):

Here she is once again dishing it out.

And getting it dished up.

Wowzers, what a flip.

Fans of Japanese comedy might recognize the guy playing the ref (Takashi Okamura) from this brilliant Mario Kart DS commercial.

You might recognize the gentleman clapping below from Game Center CX. Yep, that's Shinya Arino, aka the Katcho.

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AKB横山由依の身体能力が凄すぎると話題にwwwww [Hayabusa]

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