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Final Fantasy X Mod Replaces Almost All Audio With Tidus' Laugh

Illustration for article titled iFinal Fantasy X/i Mod Replaces Almost All Audio With Tidus Laughem/em

“My story,” says Tidus. “My ears,” I reply.

Johnny Mac created what is perhaps the most diabolical Final Fantasy mod ever conceived. It replaces large portions of Final Fantasy X’s soundtrack and dialogue with Tidus’ infamously forced laugh. Here’s a video:

Now try to hear the game’s main theme in your head without Tidus’ laugh. If you can manage it for even a single, solitary second, please for the love of god, HELP ME.


Mac also uploaded the entire soundtrack with Tidus’ pitch-corrected howl flitting through it, and you can listen to it straight through if you’re in the mood for a masochistic endurance run. Note: this video is three-and-a-half hours long.

You can download the mod (for use with the PC version of Final Fantasy X) here.

I am deeply, deeply sorry. I know they say not to shoot the messenger, but maybe... maybe I deserve it this time?

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