Final Fantasy VII Gets An Official Monopoly Board [UPDATE]

Illustration for article titled iFinal Fantasy VII /iGets An Official iMonopoly /iBoard [UPDATE]

You probably won’t want to play as Aeris in Final Fantasy VII Monopoly, announced today for release in April 2017.


“Delve into the evolving city of Midgar in search of the latest business opportunities,” reads the description at online retailer Merchoid, where you can pre-order the game. “Perhaps you’ll buy up a string of plots for housing development for the people, or go industrial and build a Mako reactor plant.”

Merchoid’s selling FFVII Monopoly for $50. Hopefully there are slap fights.

UPDATE - 7/1, 1:27pm: A representative for Merchoid has reached out to let us know that the above image isn’t final artwork and hasn’t yet been officially approved by Square Enix. As a result, Merchoid has removed their product listing.

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Choosing Aeris just asking to be stabbed in the back