Dota 2 has been out in the wild for a while now, and this has given players ample time to reflect on the game and its virtues. Or, more accurately, it has given folks time to find the best ways to joke around about Dota 2's quirks and playerbase.

Enter the ever-amusing (and sometimes eyebrow-raising) Steam reviews for Dota 2. While I've kept y'all updated on my adventures in trying to learn the game, Steam reviews are a good way to look at what makes Dota 2 players tick. Namely, Steam reviews cite players who don't speak English, the toxic community, the difficulty in learning the game, and the way Dota can basically overtake your life. While most of these reviews are jokes coming from people who love the game, it's kind of interesting to read—folks make the game sound like the worst thing ever, and yet they can't stop playing it. After all, most of these reviews are written by people with hundreds if not thousands of hours logged into the game.

Here's what Steam has to say about Dota 2:

Man. Dota 2 is serious, intense stuff. The complaints about folks speaking languages other than English makes me pause, but the game does require a lot of teamwork—so I can understand why people would want to be able to communicate with other people. It's an unfortunate situation!


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