Don't Worry, Gundam Mechas Won't Talk

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Level-5, best known for its talking role-playing games and Professor Layton puzzle games, is behind the new Gundam series called Mobile Suit Gundam Age. Does that mean the giant mecha will speak?


No. Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino addressed chatter that Gundam mechas will talk in Mobile Suit Gundam Age, calling it a "misunderstanding" that the mecha can speak. According Hino, the series will be kid friendly, but won't deviate from traditional Gundam conventions. So no talking giant mechas!

The Akihiro Hino penned Gundam Age anime debuts this fall as Level-5 is working on an Age title.

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The "traditional Gundam conventions" were themes of innocence lost, children forced into adulthood because of war, war is bad, Gundams are just machines like tools and nothing more.

Ever since Tomino stopped making Gundams, the Gundam franchise had already deviated from what made Gundams Gundam.

and from what I can see of this new series, it's already abandoned alot of what made Gundam what it was.

There's no use claiming to not deviate from traditional Gundam conventions....because they already have.