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While Sony is warming to the idea of releasing more PS1 and PS2 games on the PlayStation Network, those hoping for more PS3 games being made available for download might want to find something more constructive to do.


Asked by IGN whether Sony would be releasing more "full" PlayStation 3 titles (like Warhawk and Burnout Paradise) onto the PSN, PlayStation senior VP Peter Dille replied "No, I don't think so — at least, not any time soon".


Shame. Why, Peter?

"Part of the reason for that is broadband", he elaborates. "We have an advantage with PlayStation 3 from an optical media perspective because a Blu-ray disc contains 50 gigs. Maybe this point will come at some time, but today to download 50 gigs of data before you play a game, you could probably go buy a car, bring it home, put your family into it, drive to the store by and bring the game home by the time you [could download it]."


Man makes a fair point. That and most people own a PlayStation 3 for which 50GB (or even half that) would constitute the bulk of their free hard disk space.

End Bosses: Sony's Peter Dille [IGN]

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