Well, Someone Had To Combine Minecraft And DayZ Eventually

Give people long enough in the shadow of great, inspirational games, and they won't just look to emulate one, they'll look to emulate a bunch of them in the one title.


7DTD (7 Days To Die) is an indie project that, well, as you can see from the clip above, it blends the survival elements (and zombies) of DayZ and the blocks/crafting of Minecraft so blatantly it makes you wonder why nobody else has already tried it.

Planned for Windows, Mac and Linux, the developers are asking for $200,000 to finish the game.

7 Days to Die - Zombie Survival Game [Kickstarter]


Detective Plunkett

Does the art style look really... Off... To anyone else? Or is it just me..?

It's like they tried to blend a realism, and arcadey look, and missed. It feels jarring, to me.

Hopefully the style gets improved, before launch.