Meet Taher Shah. He's here to melt your mind and rule the internet.

According to Propakistani (via TechInAsia), the singer is becoming an online sensation in Pakistan with his new music video, "Eye to Eye." The title's hash tag is already trending there, and internet people seem ironically amused and somewhat bewildered by the video, which has over 200,000 views on YouTube. Watch it below.

In Pakistan, "Eye to Eye" seems to be the equivalent of something like "Friday". It's so bad, it's good.


And the internet's meme machine is starting to warm up, complete with humorous images as well as cartoons of characters stabbing their eyes out.

"Eye to Eye" is Taher Shah's debut track and he said he wrote the track to "convey the feelings of marvelous love" between two people. He's also a model! Well, he's a model in that he has "model" pictures on his website. Lots of them.

He's a businessman, too!

"Eye to Eye" is like a music video version of the most delightfully narcissistic man on Facebook, complete with cheesy self-portraits. The awkwardness is spread on so thick that it's hard to wonder if this isn't simply a viral stunt. If so, it's working!

Taher Shah [Official Site]

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