THQ, the troubled publisher of Saints Row, WWE games, Company of Heroes, Metro: Last Light, the new South Park role-playing game, Red Faction and more, may still be sold in its entirety to an investment group called Clearlake as part of a bankruptcy sale, according to a court ruling.


But other interested parties may also bid on pieces of the company, which is why word has been making the rounds that Warner Brothers and possibly EA as well as other parties of interest might want to pick off some of THQ's franchises.

All bids for THQ's stuff must be in by 9am ET on January 22, THQ reported this morning in an update regarding the bankruptcy court proceedings. There will be a hearing on the sale the day after. The sale(s) close on January 24.

The results could be similar to what happened with the shuttering Midway. Warner Bros. snatched Mortal Kombat. EA wound up with NBA Jam at some point.


So start the parlor game... which companies or people would you like to see take control of the various THQ series/studios?

  • Company of Heroes
  • Homeworld (assuming THQ still owns it)
  • Metro
  • Saints Row
  • Darksiders
  • Red Faction
  • Relic
  • Vigil
  • THQ Montreal (Patrice Desilet's studio)
  • Volition

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