It's no secret that we're huge fans of the dancing in Destiny here at Kotaku. But this montage takes the alien cake.

YouTube user calloftreyarch leaves no path un-danced. He dances in the Tower, with strangers and friends. He dances on the massive spider tank. He dances while getting killed. There is no dance calloftreyarch has not perfected. The montage video has been out there a few weeks, but it still provided me with many chuckles.


If you're wondering about the music, here's our uploader:

The music in the video was a rare track from the last Halo game Bungie made (Halo Reach) and it fit into the video surprisingly well which is why I chose it. It was a club sounding song and it was an easter egg in one of the missions of Halo Reach.


Be sure to wait until after the credits (3:40) for an especially special dance moment.

Otherwise, my favorite moments:

00:56 — A friendly PvP moment

1:56 — Balls of steal

2:18 — Kirk's best lonely friend

2:28 — Rejection

Have you had crazier dance moves? Maybe some multiple-kill PvP-while-dancing moments? Share them below.

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