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Destiny Dance Troupe Returns With Elaborate Halloween Routine

Illustration for article titled iDestiny/i Dance Troupe Returns With Elaborate Halloween Routine

Husky Raid is a legendary group of Destiny merry-makers known for their elaborately choreographed and meticulously staged videos that turn the shooter into a pop concert. Working entirely in-game, one player usually serves as an audience surrogate, wandering unwittingly into a bizarre carnival put on by people with a truly impressive mastery of Destiny’s animations, emotes, and weapon effects. It’s been two years since their last video, but since the Moon has returned to Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep, so have they.


“Saw Something Weird on the Moon 2” is a direct sequel to one of their most popular videos, which has the player character in Destiny 1 stumbling upon an impromptu performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” For their long-in-the-works follow-up, Husky Raid has orchestrated an even bigger and more impressive performance, making ample use of Destiny 2’s expanded library of emotes and cosmetics to put on a ridiculous and dazzling work of immersive musical theater.

The set-pieces here are impressive, with homages to Ghostbusters and Stranger Things including choreography that looks remarkably fluid and uncompromised despite being limited by Destiny 2’s animations—which it turns out, are pretty damn versatile!


Watching a Husky Raid video feels like watching an expensive arena pop concert emerge from one of the most familiar and mundane spaces, as if Taylor Swift decided to put on a show in your grocery store. In a game as built around habitual play as Destiny is, it’s a lot of fun to see some folks put a little magic back into a game that habit may have turned mundane.

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