Dark Souls is a beautiful game in more ways than one. It's a terrific feat of design, for starters. But it's also just lovely to look at, if you can relax for five seconds and take in the view.

From Software's masterpiece is the latest project of Duncan Harris, Dead End Thrills maestro and noted video-game photographer. He's been taking shots of the game, modded on PC, that look better than any Dark Souls screenshots I've ever seen, including promotional ones. Considering how dire things were when the PC version first launched, the images below are even more impressive.

Behold, and be sure to click to embiggen:

Harris' mod notes are include a humorous addendum:

Tools and tricks: 8K rendering, timestop and graphics enhancement via DSfix; jim2point0's free camera table; patience of a saint.

Heh. For more, and for higher-res versions of these shots, head over to Dead End Thrills.